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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

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My mom was a nurse in a nursing home, and used to take me to work with her on a regular basis. I grew up with literally dozens of adopted grandparents and I listened to their stories—their hilarious, heartbreaking, and unforgettable stories.

I love to read stories and as my career progressed, I realized I love to write them too, especially narrative non-fiction and personal essay. That's when I realized that there was an opportunity to meld my passion and my profession.

On any given day here in San Francisco I can go to coffee with people who literally invented the internet. But having grown up outside California, I believe that these stories shouldn't just belong to those of us lucky enough to live here or to be connected to the right people. The whole world can benefit from what we learn here, either as a positive example or a cautionary tale.

It's always amazed me how many experienced and deeply dedicated people are in tech who no one has heard of. This podcast is designed to tell their stories, the kind I often hear over a whisky, the ones that begin with, "you have GOT to hear this story."

Some will be funny, some will be outrageous, some may even shock or sadden. Some may not seem relevant to you at this moment, but they may to a founder or investor in India, London, or Detroit.  

Wouldn't you like to know what happened to the phone phreaking business at Berkeley after Woz left to go join Apple? Jim Long is one of our guests to tell us that story. Given all the news about internet safety, how did the “Trust and Safety” group get its name?  Larry Friedberg's going to help you understand. How has media covered tech and what is coming next? Owen Thomas is ready with his perspective. (Do you have people you want to hear from or do you want to be on our podcast? Tweet at us.)

Because I see a dearth of stories being told by those who have been in tech even longer than my nearly 20 years, this podcast will have a bias for the stories of people over 40. But, in keeping pace with how all of us in Silicon Valley try to stay young at heart and embrace change, there will also be interviews with today's hotshots, talking about how to keep companies alive. After all, I have lived and breathed growth marketing for over 15 years now.  (More about my day job, here.

A Peek At Our Guest List 

Each episode will have a song name. Can you guess which guest will go with which song? 

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