Howard Rheingold: "People Got to Be Free”

Some people have a gift for seeing things from a higher perspective—noticing how factors intercept to create trends, waves of public thought, and society-altering changes. Howard is one of these people. We could call him a prophet, a thinker, certainly a writer, but we’ll call him what he calls himself: an independent instigator and observer. This is a must-listen episode that explores how the human mind, belief in the future, technology—and yes, psychedelics—all connect.

Jacqueline Harper: "Shining Star”

Jacqueline Harper has the kind of story that is rarely told and exactly what we’re trying to bring to light with this podcast. A black female programmer in the 1970s, she was asked to go home from her IBM job when she became pregnant with her first child. She then pushed herself to learn programming while also raising her family. Hear this remarkable woman’s story from the world of mid-century tech.

Rand Fishkin: "Humble and Kind”

Rand Fishkin has dramatically opened up the field of SEO for the average marketer as the founder of Moz. Now he tells Melinda about co-founding SparkToro (in beta now) and his recent book shedding light on what it’s really like to be a founder. Plus, enjoy Rand’s candor as he describes what he believes makes for a healthy corporate environment (hint: see the title of this episode).

Adam Nash: "You Get What You Give”

We kick off Season 3 with the VP of Product at Dropbox, Adam Nash, telling about some of the biggest companies in tech at some of their most transformative times in the past thirty years. Hear about Adam’s time at NeXT, Apple, eBay, LinkedIn, and now Dropbox, and how product teams bridge the gap between development and marketing to ultimately give the customers what they’re looking for.

Season Two Wrap-up: What We've Learned

We’ve officially closed the book on Season Two of Stayin’ Alive in Tech. Check out the themes, the biggest stars, and even a book list that we’ve synthesized from these 14 episodes. Season 3 launches September 5, 2019, with guest Adam Nash, VP of Product for Dropbox. Consider a sponsorship to help cover our costs so we can publish more frequent episodes!

Laura Yecies: "Good Life"

Laura Yecies has an extensive career in Silicon Valley and has been the CEO of two venture-backed startups, currently of SyncThink, a brain health platform focused on eye-tracking technology. Laura offers advice for managers, supportive words for females in tech, and wisdom for married couples trying to nurture two careers at once.

Geoff Donaker: "Instant Karma"

Geoff Donaker has seen every stage of a start-up—from going public to having to close the doors. Now he is on the VC side as founder of Burst Capital, bringing his expertise to investing. Meet this former COO of Yelp and hear his advice for founders and new companies on how to avoid common problems like stagnant prices or becoming untethered from your customers.

Joe Meyer: "It Don't Come Easy"

Joe Meyer has a long history in tech as an entrepreneur and big thinker. Joe shares with us his perspective on the New York tech scene, and why it just may be better to be in tech in NYC than in Silicon Valley (gasp!). Joe tells about the inspiration for starting ExecThread, the job sharing platform specifically for successful execs looking for those hard-to-find executive positions, and how it opened his eyes to matters of diversity and privilege.

Tiffani Bright: "Girl On Fire"

Dr. Tiffani Bright, PhD is the Biomedical Informatician at IBM Watson Health. She describes arriving at this fascinating field which sits at the intersection of several disciplines (mathematics, health/biology, and social science), and in particular how she is looking at Artificial Intelligence as a tool for improving healthcare delivery in the future.

Philip Rosedale: "Starman"

Philip Rosedale, virtual world entrepreneur and all-around “Starman,” joins the podcast to discuss the biggest themes at the intersection of humanity and technology. He describes building the virtual world “Second Life” and what he believes the future holds for expansive virtual environments and 3D interactions.

Avinash Kaushik: "Curious"

A sense of awe runs throughout this episode with Avinash Kaushik, one of the godfathers of web analytics. Avinash is a data visualization expert and Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google and takes a step back with us to wonder at the magic of the Internet while delving into how data can better serve businesses.

Sian Morson: "The Story"

Sian Morson is a start-up founder, a published author, a film producer, creator of a genius beauty app, and an incredibly down-to-earth interviewee. She’s been on both sides of the investor/start-up founder relationship, and is an entrepreneur whose persistence and need to solve nagging problems has served her remarkably well.