sound Production and Voice Over 

One neat thing about being a few years older is that you know a lot more people, and they're all doing amazing things. I went to theater school with Chris Stucky, where he was professionally trained as both a sound editor and as an actor. Fast forward a few decades and Chris is now not only working as a professional voiceover actor while also working in an internal communications career, but he also had the equipment and time to help me edit and produce Stayin' Alive in Tech from his home in Bloomington, Illinois. I'm really grateful to him for lending his expertise and his mellifluous voice to our opening and closing credits, in addition to making sure I don't sound like I'm recording in a bathroom. You should engage him for voiceovers in your tech company videos and pay him handsomely. 


I've been blessed to work side by side with Scott Meehan now for over three years, as my business partner at Timeshare CMO, and now my friend. He should get a Purple Heart for the experiences he's had working with me. I'm blessed to have a "developer who likes marketers" at my side. 


Without Michelle Sanchez it would be impossible to do this podcast. She books the guests, manages my workflow, and on top of it all is a copy editor any writer would kill to have at their side. Any mistakes you find on this site are because I didn't ask her to look at them first. Michelle also wrangles our internal operations and writing teams at Timeshare CMO, while also wrangling her four kids. I don't know how she hasn't lost her mind yet, but I'm glad she hasn't. 


Janice Baker brought the joy and flair to this idea. Without her, this site would probably resemble every other podcast site on the internet. I can't thank her enough for taking the verbal equivalent of a rough sketch and polishing it into its current form. Janice has her own firm, but she also supports our clients at Timeshare CMO, and we're lucky to work with her. 


Music for our opening and closing credits is "Stringed Disco" by Kevin MacLeod ( Kevin's music is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. 

One question I am already being asked a lot is why we don't use the songs we reference in our podcast titles in the podcast itself. The fact is that music law in both theory and practice is a mess for podcasting, and there is no legal (meaning lawsuit proof) way to use other people's music in a podcast unless you're in a very specific niche, like you're critiquing or reporting on the music. It's a myth that using 30 second snippets is ok. It's not. Yes, other people do it. Given the high-profile nature of some of our guests, and a possibility of getting a sponsorship one day, I'm not willing to take the risk of exposing any of us to a nastygram from a Music Business attorney. 

In addition to the legal ramifications, that theatre degree I mentioned above made me sensitive to the importance of paying artists for their work. So we don't steal even a tiny amount of music. 

Our Spotify playlist allows you to legally enjoy the music we refer to.  But, if you know the Bee Gees personally, feel free to ask them if they'll waive their typical 6 figure licensing fee for us. :)