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There are a gazillion podcasts.

A gazillion technology podcasts, even.

A gazillion growth marketing podcasts. Exhausting just to think about, right?

Why you should listen to this podcast

We are really good at talking about the future in tech. What's the next hot thing? How do we predict the future? I think that's pretty well covered already. 

The past is never dead. It’s not even past.

— William Faulkner

What we do is something different; we talk about the past—the history of Silicon Valley. We do this for three reasons.

One, because there are lessons to be learned in our past that hold the secret to success in our future. When we say Silicon Valley's past, it can be as far back as Noyce and Fairchild Semiconductor, or as recent as the founding of Facebook, Google, and Uber. 

Two, imagine a conversation with a friend over whisky or coffee, that begins, "you have GOT to hear this story..." These casual, authentic stories surrounding tech are one of the prime benefits to living and working in Silicon Valley, but I don't think they should be limited to those lucky enough to live and work here. I want to unleash these stories so the entire world can benefit from them.

And three, because we don't talk about our past very much, there's a very unfortunate trend of startup founders equating experience with rigidity or slow clock speed. Experience can be a light in a dark tunnel, and we're going to demonstrate how much useful experience is out there waiting to be tapped.

All our guests have worked in high-growth environments. They know what it's like to work crazy hours. And they really do want to help you—because for those of us who have made a career in tech, we still get high watching young companies with new technology shoot for the moon.

Most of us are nerds from way back. Our passion for technology and our hope for its potential to improve the world is what keeps all of us going through high property costs, long hours, and constant change; even as our peers in other states and industries are considering retirement and golf. 


We maintain this podcast with a small team, so we focus on straight interviews, published monthly at a minimum, or more if that's possible while simultaneously running a business.

You can help by suggesting guests or volunteering to be a guest, proposing an episode you would host, and/or getting the word out to potential sponsors and listeners that can help us validate this idea and put more resources against it. 


Reflecting on the history of Silicon Valley doesn't feel like a Monday morning podcast. It feels like a "Thursday commute" or "weekend lawn mowing" podcast, plus #ThrowbackThursday fits right in, so watch for new episodes on Thursdays.

If you want to know about my personal reasons for starting this podcast, you can learn more here.