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Howard Rheingold: "People Got to Be Free”

Some people have a gift for seeing things from a higher perspective—noticing how factors intercept to create trends, waves of public thought, and society-altering changes. Howard is one of these people. We could call him a prophet, a thinker, certainly a writer, but we’ll call him what he calls himself: an independent instigator and observer. This is a must-listen episode that explores how the human mind, belief in the future, technology—and yes, psychedelics—all connect.

Larry Friedberg: The Trust and "Safety Dance" eBay Origin Story

Larry Friedberg was one of eBay’s first Trust and Safety employees, and came to define the profession. He’s here to help us understand what good Trust and Safety looks like, to share stories about the unsung heroes of the internet. We’ll ask ourselves "What might Facebook learn from eBay?  What might have been different had Facebook learned from the past?"