Ron Lichty: "Fixing a Hole"

Ron Lichty joins Melinda Byerley to share stories about his time in Silicon Valley as a programmer, then a team and product manager. Hear about his instrumental role in the development of Apple’s game changing personal computer, the Macintosh. This is only one highlight of his distinguished career that also includes three patents, several books, and recognition as a thought leader in Agile methodology. Even if you aren’t a techie you will enjoy listening to Ron because, if you use a computer, he has probably influenced your life.

Linda Popky: "We Built This City"

Linda Popky, one of Silicon Valley’s top 100 women of influence, stops in to talk to Melinda Byerley about her lifetime of marketing experiences and specifically her time at Sun Microsystems in the heady days of the genesis of Silicon Valley. In this insightfully fun episode,  she talks about how she came to work for Sun and her eventual move from Boston to the West Coast. You will enjoy Linda’s engaging stories about her marketing philosophy, some Silicon Valley history, and the tech marketing ecosystem she has navigated for over 30 years.

Owen Thomas: "Gimme Some Truth"

Owen Thomas joins Melinda Byerley to talk about the history of his controversial blog post about Peter Thiel’s sexuality and the ethos of narrative control that pervades Silicon Valley. His story includes how and why Nick Denton founded Valleywag, it discusses how journalists can incite grudges, and it explores the destruction that money and power can unleash.

Kumar Garg: "History Has Its Eyes On You"

Kumar Garg shares his experiences from the White House Office of Science and Technology during the Obama administration and how the content of a simple whiteboard filled with great ideas went viral. Sprinkled in are stories about Kumar as a young migrant from India and how he came to be involved in and inspired by education policy. A fast-paced and entertaining listen.

Jim Long: "Are You Experienced?"

From Berkeley engineering to Harvard MBA, from engineer to founder to venture capitalist and back again, Jim Long’s seen a lot in his 40 years in Silicon Valley. He’s got a lot to share with us, including stories of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, and his perspective on how we got where we are today.

Larry Friedberg: The Trust and "Safety Dance" eBay Origin Story

Larry Friedberg was one of eBay’s first Trust and Safety employees, and came to define the profession. He’s here to help us understand what good Trust and Safety looks like, to share stories about the unsung heroes of the internet. We’ll ask ourselves "What might Facebook learn from eBay?  What might have been different had Facebook learned from the past?"