Jim Sterne: "Statistician's Blues"

Jim Sterne: "Statistician's Blues"


This Week's Guest: Jim Sterne



Jim Sterne is widely considered the godfather of digital marketing analytics and is one of our heroes in the world of marketing and data. Jim was along every step of the way as tech evolved in Silicon Valley—from selling companies their first-ever computers, to imagining what the World Wide Web could mean for business in the 90s, to his current focus on how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is going to be the next ubiquitous element of running a business, in particular for the fields of data analysis and marketing.

Jim has written a whole shelf’s worth of books, several of which he found himself writing because no one else had. His latest book is one of these, entitled, “Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications." He also founded the Marketing Analytics Summit and is gearing up for this year’s conference on June 17-20—the event where digital analysts, marketing technologists, and growth architects use marketing data to create impact.

In this episode, Jim relays his vision for the future of marketing, why cookies are here to stay, and how today’s marketers should be thinking about machine learning (notice we didn’t say “worrying about” machine learning). Join Melinda and Jim as they reminisce about Silicon Valley when there was zero traffic and get blunt about where we need to be looking for the future.

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Author, Speaker, Consultant, Founder of Marketing Analytics Summit, and Director Emeritus Digital Analytics Association

Jim Sterne has spent more than 35 years selling and marketing technical products. He began his career as a professional explainer, helping people understand Visicalc at a time when “personal computer” was an oxymoron. He sold business computers to companies that had never owned one in the 1980s, consulted and keynoted about online marketing in the 1990’s, and founded a conference and a professional association around digital analytics in the 2000’s. He is currently focused on the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to marketing.

Sterne launched an event on digital analytics called the eMetrics Summit in 2002 which ran until 2017 with 86 Summits conducted worldwide. The audience then created the Digital Analytics Association where Sterne served as Board Chair for seventeen years. In 2018, the eMetrics Summit became the Marketing Evolution Experience.

Jim Sterne has presented his unique perspective on Internet marketing at conferences around the world, and has lectured at Stanford, Oxford, and MIT. He stays active as a public speaker and as a consultant, helping each client set Internet marketing goals and determine customer relationship strategies.

Find Jim on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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