Philip Rosedale: "Starman"

Philip Rosedale: "Starman"


This Week's Guest: Philip Rosedale

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There's a lot more possibility out there than we might initially imagine.

Approach this episode only if you’re ready to have your mind blown. Our guest today is Philip Rosedale, co-founder of the virtual civilizations High Fidelity and Second Life and an all-around “Starman.” In this episode, we explore far-reaching themes like the limitations of the human brain, the expansiveness of virtual worlds, the possibilities of the human race working together, and the future of a connected 3D reality. Of course, we also touch on fun stuff like pink bunny avatars and pretending to be an astronaut in a cardboard box as a kid.

Philip Rosedale is, to us, a giant walking among us, and someone whose experiments and questioning spirit may well prove to lead the evolution of technology in this century.

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More About Our Guest

Inventor, Founder of High Fidelity & Second Life

Philip Rosedale is CEO and co-founder of High Fidelity, a company devoted to exploring the future of next-generation shared virtual reality. Prior to High Fidelity, Rosedale created the virtual civilization Second Life, populated by one million active users generating US$700M in annual transaction volumes. In addition to numerous technology inventions (including the video conferencing product called FreeVue, acquired by RealNetworks in 1996 where Rosedale later served as CTO), Rosedale has also worked on experiments in distributed work and computing.

Find Philip on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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